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Welcome to the UCI Road World Championships...... Thank You for Visiting the State Employee Zone!

Virginia state employees’ source for information about the 2015 Road World Championships


Each race runs through downtown Richmond. This means that state employees will have a front row seat to all the action. It also means that some roads must be closed and traffic rerouted on others, which could impact accessibility to some state office buildings and parking decks. You may need to change your commute route to downtown and/or access your parking area from a different direction or entrance.



Download 11x17 map here

The Department of General Services created this map to help state employees determine the best way to access their parking decks from Monday, Sept. 21, through Friday, Sept. 25. Keep in mind that the road closures identified in the map are in effect from one hour prior to the race start time until one hour after the race finishes. You can find more detail on the race schedule here


Below, you’ll find instructions for each DGS parking facility Monday-Friday during the race.
(Lot numbers in parenthesis)

Bus Loop around Old City Hall (1A); Governor St. (1B & 7); East Grace Street  (4)
Parking unavailable. Your Agency Parking Coordinator will send you information about parking relocation.

Bank Street (3); Supreme Court (18); 7th & Franklin (20 & 26); 9th & Franklin (21)
Parking access unchanged. However, note that entrances/exits are  located in the “island;” access to/from these decks from one hour before races until one hour after is only via course crossings located on 7th St. and 9th St. (getting into the “island”), or 6th St. and 8th St. (getting out of the “island”).


Surface Lots – Old 14th-VDOT (14, 15, 16, 17U)

Access from north via Marshall-College; from east via Broad; from south via 14th and left on Broad

James Monroe Deck (5)

Access unchanged; *NOTE: Broad Street exit from I-95 (Exit 74C) will be closed all week so drivers must use 14th Street (access from East Broad or I-195) & I-95 Franklin Street exit (74B) will be closed Thursday & Friday

Tyler-SCC (8); Subsurface Madison (17L)

Show state ID to officer at 14th and Bank to be allowed onto Bank St.

14th & Main (13)

14th and 15th St. entrance/exit available all week; Main St. entrance/exit unavailable Thursday & Friday

*NOTE: I-95 Franklin Street exit closed Thursday & Friday

Library of Virginia (25)

Access from Marshall via 8th St.; 8th St. is only entrance & 9th St. is only exit

VRS (72)

Governor St. entrance unavailable; Use Bank St. entrance/exit; Must access “island” via course crossings at 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Streets

7th & Marshall (22)

Show state ID to officer at 7th & Marshall to allow access by turning southbound on 7th


5th & Marshall (DCLS)

5th St. closed from Jackson to Grace; access lot via Leigh St. or 4th St.


400 E. Cary

Enter and exit via Cary St.; 4th St. will be closed from Cary to Franklin






Click here to view the transportation plan, released in August by Richmond 2015, the event organizer. This website includes a day-by-day guide of traffic closures, parking information, where to watch the race, and an interactive mapping tool to get you where you want to go during those nine days.


The race schedule is such that roads will be closed after the morning rush hour and should open before the evening rush hour. Still, you should expect some delays getting to and from your parking area.

State employees who plan to drive should be prepared to show their state employee identification badge to access parking areas.